Ever since I was young, I dreamt of being a fashion designer. However, it wasn't something my parents approved, so I ended up going to school for a boring business major. Fast forward a few years later, I finally gathered enough money to enroll myself in a vocational fashion school here in the city. Ever since then, I have been making dresses and gowns as a hobby. Only until recently when I had to find my own wedding dress, I realized how difficult it is and how pricey some of the price tags are. After so many Google and Pinterest searches, we are all exhausted. On top of that, going to a bridal shop can oftentimes be intimidating. Therefore, I decided to just open my own business and help brides find their own unique dresses!

Custom fitting

Each wedding dress is uniquely made to your body measurements. No stock pre-made dresses for sale and all dresses are 100% hand-made. My style is free form, creating that soft "flow" in a dress that does not make it look so rigid. 


Quality material that makes it look at least 3x the price. 

Designer dresses can be expensive simply because they have a label attached to them. With my work, I'll still use top-notch materials but without the premium price.

Details & Perfectionism

For a true piece of art, we need to study its details. I never skip out on the details for each dress. I take pride in my dresses and consider them each an  individual artwork. I understand the importance of your wedding and the memories that last years after. Therefore, I consider it my duty to make sure it is absolutely flawless.